Melissa Gonzalez


How did you get involved in the sport of triathlon?

It was on my bucket list of things to do, so one year; I just decided to sign up for one.  A friend persuaded me to join the Chicago Tri Club to find training partners, and I got hooked once I met the group!

Why do you want to be an ambassador for ITU World Triathlon Chicago? 

The City of Chicago has a pretty extensive and supportive triathlon community.  I'd love to be able to help show the world what a great thing we have going by promoting the ITU Grand Final Chicago race and helping making it great.

What are your past and current club or team affiliations?

I'm the president of the Chicago Tri Club.

Where is your favorite Chicago restaurant for pre-race or post-race food?

I'm a bit finicky for pre-race food, so I generally go with home-made. Though for a nice evening with friends or family, I like Maggiano's.  Post-race, I generally enjoy a nice brunch at Yolk.

Where is the best place to swim, bike or run in Chicago?

For swimming, I prefer North Avenue Beach over Ohio Street Beach-- the water's deeper, so it's generally colder and the waves are bigger!  I think it does a better job of preparing you for tougher water conditions you may have to face during a race.  Nothing beats the Lakefront Trail for biking and running, but it gets really crowded during the summer, so you have to go really early in the morning.  If I'd rather sleep in, I generally bike in the suburbs, either Wilmette heading north, or Barrington.