Chris Navin


How did you get involved in the sport of triathlon?

I got into the sport of triathlon on a drunken New Year ’s Eve bet to get in shape!  Several of my close friends convinced me to learn to swim by simply pulling the trigger to sign up for the Chicago Triathlon, and then I joined TriMonster and the Chicago Tri Club to help me learn, succeed, and fall in love with the sport!  10 years and over 60 triathlons later, the rest is history!

Why do you want to be an ambassador for ITU World Triathlon Chicago? 

I love the Chicago triathlon scene and was blown away by the ITU World Triathlon Chicago race in 2014, so I'm very excited to be an ambassador who can help spread the word about what is truly one of the world's greatest big city triathlon venues!

What are your past and current club or team affiliations?

I've been a member and affiliated with several local triathlon clubs over the years, having been an active member and coach of the 2014 USA Triathlon Club National Champions- TriMonster, as well as TEAM TO END AIDS (T2), and the Chicago Tri Club (CTC).  I've also been a past member of Vision Quest and Well-fit.

Where is your favorite Chicago restaurant for pre-race or post-race food?

Goose Island - a local brewpub with a huge variety of craft brews that change on a weekly basis - I'm halfway through my MBA (Masters of Beer Appreciation) there!

Where is the best place to swim, bike or run in Chicago?

Without question, the USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center at Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) in Lincoln Park.  It's the only place in Chicago where you can find members from all local triathlon clubs and communities training together and they have all of the amenities a triathlete could ever want all under one roof!  It's nice because the Chicago winters are long, and it's the only place in town where you can actually ride a virtual replica of the ITU Chicago bike course and even complete a full sprint and Olympic-distance triathlon on your own bike in the middle of winter!  Outdoors, the Lakefront Trail is the best place to run and Ohio St. Beach is the best place to swim with other triathletes too!