Age-Group Standard World Championships

Swim: Athletes will begin their swim in Monroe Harbor at Queen’s Landing. Athletes will complete a 1500-meter swim, first swimming 375-meters north along the sea wall and reaching the turn-around buoy, and then athletes swim 1,125-meters south. Athletes complete the swim and exit at the south end of the Harbor near the Field Museum. 

Bike: Athletes will complete 2 laps. Transition is located at Arvey Field in Grant Park. Athletes exit transition and will turn right onto Columbus Drive, heading north. Continue on Columbus Drive, riding in the inner northbound lanes between Balbo Avenue and East Monroe Street. After crossing Randolph Street, athletes enter the tunnel on Columbus Drive before turning left onto Lower Wacker Drive. Note: Portions of the bike course on Lower Wacker Drive are underground. Athletes will need to adjust to different light conditions. Athletes Continue on Lower Wacker Drive for 7 blocks before completing a U-turn at the intersection of Lower Wacker Drive and South Jackson Drive. After the U-turn, athletes ride back towards the transition area following the same path from Lower Wacker Drive back to Columbus Drive until reaching the middle level of South Water Street. Note: Water Street has three different levels. At South Water Street athletes will turn right and ride the ramp downwards. Once at the bottom of the ramp athletes will complete a U-turn to the right and bike towards Lower Columbus Drive. At Lower Columbus Drive athletes will turn right and take another right at Lower Randolph Street and turn left into the ‘McCormick Place Busway’. Athletes ride the Busway until reaching Martin Luther King Drive and complete a U-turn. Athletes continue riding on the Busway until reaching Lower Randolph Street and turn right. At Lower Randolph Street athletes will turn left onto the “up ramp” of Lower Columbus Drive to Middle Columbus Drive. Note: Columbus Drive has three different levels. At the top of the ramp athletes will complete a U-turn and turn onto Columbus Drive, and then complete a U-turn, and turn back onto Columbus Drive to enter transition for T2.

Run: Athletes will complete 3.5 laps, and 10 KM run. 2.7 KM for the first, second and third laps and 1.9 KM for the fourth lap (which is a half lap). Athletes exit transition on the city side entering onto the East side of Columbus Drive. Athletes run north on Columbus Drive, completing a U-turn before East Monroe Street to continue south along Columbus Drive. Athletes turn left prior to Buckingham Fountain; and will loop around the fountain and then continue south on Columbus Drive until reaching the turnaround; at the same location athletes entered Columbus Drive. Athletes run three full laps, and on the fourth lap, (which is a half lap) athletes will end at Buckingham Fountain.


Download the Age-Group Standard Distance World Championship Course Map (PDF)